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The NOAA Technology Partnerships Office, or TPO, serves the needs of both NOAA inventors and U.S. companies looking to partner with NOAA or license our technologies.  Located in Silver Spring, MD, the NOAA TPO oversees both NOAA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and the Technology Transfer Program.  The Technology Partnerships Office also provides specific technical and communication/outreach services to all NOAA labs.  

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Smart Module for Communications Processing and Interface US Patent 9,297,925

Smart Module for Communications Processing and Interface US Patent 9,297,925

Engineers at NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center have developed a patent-pending data collection and reporting system, the Smart Module for Communications Processing and Interface,  for use on data buoys or similar ocean- or land-based platforms where environmental data are being collected.  The benefit of the Smart Module design is that it may be readily retrofitted to a data buoy, weather station, or other similar applications, in order to add additional data acquisition capabilities or features, without disturbing existing communications and data logging equipment at the location.  This saves both time and money for testing and certifying new equipment at existing data gathering sites, some of which may be quite remote and difficult to access. By eliminating the risk of compromising an entire system by adding new components, the Smart Module makes adding new capabilities to existing platforms relatively simple and extremely cost effective.


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LICENSING OPPORTUNITY:  Wave Measurement Device for Moored Buoy

LICENSING OPPORTUNITY: Wave Measurement Device for Moored Buoy

System for monitoring, determining, and reporting directional spectra of ocean surface waves in near real-time from a moored buoy

A moored buoy floating at the ocean surface and anchored to the seafloor precisely measures acceleration, pitch, roll, and Earth's magnetic flux field of the buoy over a limited sampling period. The system includes: 1) A buoy, 2) A mooring system, 3) An electronic data logger controlling communications between the system and the on-board remote telecommunications system...

Patent No:  US 8,195,395 B2, Teng et al.

If interested in licensing this technology, please complete and return the License Request Form or contact NOAA Technology Partnerships Office directly.

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