Figure 1: Rendering of the air-deployed Black Swift S0 for use in hurricane research.

Black Swift Technologies – SØ™ UAS Platform

Black Swift Technologies works through NOAA and Air Force SBIR to Develop Multi-Mission UAS Capabilities

The Black Swift SØ™ UAS is an intelligent unmanned aircraft capable of completely automatic flights at altitudes up to 15,000 feet AGL. Its unique tail design enables deep-stall landing with near vertical descent and 10-foot landing accuracy. The rapid ascent and descent allow the SØ to quickly and accurately capture 3-dimensional wind profiles at various levels. With a flight duration of up to 90 minutes, the Black Swift SØ has the endurance and comprehensive sensor suite necessary to capture a profile of upper air parameters including air temperature, wind speed and direction, dewpoint, and atmospheric pressure–quickly and efficiently.

Manufactured entirely in the USA, the SØ was engineered from inception for flight s in extreme atmospheric conditions, including hurricane deployments. Its advanced avionics enables fully autonomous operation with minimal training. Designed for rapid atmospheric profiling, the SØ’s automated sampling patterns and scripting allow for “launch-and-forget” operations. 

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