Public-Private Partnerships

Partnerships are integral to accomplishing NOAA’s mission.  Working together, government, academia, and industry can produce greater benefits than working separately. NOAA successfully achieves its wide range of environment-focused missions through the support of a highly-skilled, passionate and diverse workforce, which includes federal employees, contractors, grantees, as well as dedicated volunteers. 

Businesses, universities, and non-profits may all partner with NOAA to conduct research and development related to our mission.  For companies or individuals looking for funding opportunities, please use the links to the right on this page to locate funding or contracting opportunities are currently available.

Note:  NOAA does not accept unsolicited funding requests.  Please use to locate open opportunities at NOAA and other federal agencies.

Partnership Agreement Types

NOAA has received the authority from Congress to enter into certain types of agreements.  The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement or CRADA is one of the easiest and most flexible agreements for working with NOAA.  However, there are a number of options for working with NOAA.  The most common are shown in the table below.

NOAA Agreement Matrix

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Our mission is to foster preeminent science and technological innovation through federal investments in research and development (R&D), partnerships or licensing opportunities at NOAA.