Past Solicitations and Awards

For companies interested in participating in the SBIR program with NOAA, it is very useful to review our past solicitations and past awards to get an idea of the technical areas that are of interest to our service organizations and applicable to the NOAA mission.  Likewise, the past awards can provide valuable information regarding the projects and responses that have been successful in the past.  The most recent NOAA solicitations are available on the SBA website and we will post additional information below.

SBIR Solicitations

Solicitation for 2018 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2017 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2016 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2015 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2014 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2013 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2012 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2011 (PDF) CLOSED
Solicitation for 2010 (PDF) CLOSED

SBIR Abstracts of Awards

Awards for Fiscal Year 2019 - Phase II Only (PDF)
Awards for Fiscal Year 2018 (PDF)
Awards for Fiscal Year 2017 (PDF)  
Awards for Fiscal Year 2016 (PDF)
Awards for Fiscal Year 2015 (PDF) 
Awards for Fiscal Year 2014 (PDF)
Awards for Fiscal Year 2013 (PDF)
Awards for Fiscal Year 2012 (PDF)
Awards for Fiscal Year 2011 (PDF)


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