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Advanced Marine Vehicles

SBIR awardee, Tridentis, improving efficiency in data collection using Advanced Autonomous Marine Vehicles

Advanced Marine Vehicles


Tridentis Advanced Marine Vehicles, is a company dedicated to designing and building the world’s most advanced autonomous marine vehicles. We focus on COLREGS compliance, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, smart energy generation and management, and surface to subsurface interaction.  We design and build autonomous surface and subsurface vessels that are capable of independent operation including transect and pattern following, with on‐the‐fly path changes supported by full COLREGS compliance and collision avoidance.


The Advanced Coastal Monitor (ACM) is a purpose designed platform for the coastal sensing mission set.  It was designed using a SWATH Hullform which provides a stable platform with large deck space allowing for the inclusion of a moonpool and/or stern ramp, gantries, and drop pole as required.  It has flexible propulsion options where electric motors and propellers with nozzles or guards are used to match speed and survey requirements.  Large battery banks were sized for continuous survey operation and include solar cells for extended operations.  A low emission generator can be included for backup and high speed operations.  The platform was designed around a modular sensor capability in order to rapidly be configured to support various mission sets.  Multiple standard interfaces (power, data, mounting) are built in for “plug and play” sensor swap.  The ACM was designed to support the autonomous launch and recovery of UAVs and UUVs from the ACM. The ACM is currently undergoing sea trials as a ¼ scale prototype.

We are also in the process of designing and prototyping the Bottom Feeder, a dual mode autonomous underwater vehicle with high efficiency and high maneuverability modes convertible while underwater.  It is designed around a modular science bay which can be adapted to a wide range of sensors.  It has the option of being operated with a tether or free running.

The principle investigator for both efforts is William Latham.  Mr. Latham is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with over 30 years of design, development, and prototyping experience on a wide range of marine platform.  He is currently the Chief Technical Officer for Tridentis AMV.


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