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The following technologies are available for both non-exclusive and exclusive licenses.  Companies that are interested in licensing a NOAA product may contact the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office via our office email at Please make sure to reference the specific technology in which you are interested in the text of your email.  Interested companies will be asked to complete a licensing questionnaire which will detail their suitability as a licensing partner and the specific marketing strategy for the technology.  Please note that requests for exclusive licenses will require license initiation fees and will require a public comment period of at least 30 days prior to implementation.  

Flexible PIT Antenna System

Seeking interested manufacturers for technology transfer

Flexible PIT Antenna System

NOAA has developed a flexible antenna system for collecting data form PIT-tagged fish.  The system is flexible, scalable, easy to deploy, and can be used in both fixed and towed applications.  Prior generation rigid PVC antennas were expensive and time consuming to construct, difficult to deploy, and often cracked under the constant stress of river flow.  Stronger high density plastic materials are available (HDPE) but are heavy and even more expensive to construct than PVC.  They also have similar size and weight constraints for deployment.  Our flexible antennas are much easier to build, transport, and install than the rigid antennas they replaced and cost approximately 70% less.  They are also much more adaptable and have been used in both stationary and mobile applications.  

NOAA is seeking a manufacturing and distribution partner for this technology.  Please contact TPO Staff for more information.


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