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The following technologies are available for both non-exclusive and exclusive licenses.  Companies that are interested in licensing a NOAA product may contact the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office via our office email at Please make sure to reference the specific technology in which you are interested in the text of your email.  Interested companies will be asked to complete a licensing questionnaire which will detail their suitability as a licensing partner and the specific marketing strategy for the technology.  Please note that requests for exclusive licenses will require license initiation fees and will require a public comment period of at least 30 days prior to implementation.  

The Trident Array: A Stable, Towed, Tetrahedral Hydrophone Array

SBIR awardee, Proteus Technologies, is Phase III-ready

Proteus Technologies LLC is a small, innovative company located in Slidell, LA that develops and manufactures oceanographic instrumentation for commercial and government clients. Mr. Sean Griffin founded Proteus in 2010 and has 30 years of experience in the industry. Instrumentation systems include active and passive acoustic sensor systems, geotechnical, geo-acoustic as well as variations on orientation, temperature, conductivity, pressure, optical systems, communications systems, etc. Proteus excels at complex system development and integration of cutting edge technologies with sophisticated processing and rapidly bringing these systems to the prototype stage as proofs of concept. Proteus is experienced at electronic and electrical design, circuit design and simulation, embedded and application software development, signal processing, design with FPGAs, PCB development, mechanical design, modelling and fabrication and integration of these technologies into working oceanographic systems. Proteus has 4500 square feet of office, lab and high bay space well equipped with tools, machinery, fabrication and test equipment.

Mr. Griffin has been working with passive acoustic detection of marine mammals for approximately 12 years. Recently with NOAA SBIR funding, Proteus developed a high-speed, towed (over 10 knots), volumetric array (named Trident) that performs real-time detection, classification, localization and storage of a four element tetrahedral array. Trident is a small, low cost array that can be deployed by one person. Trident is used for marine mammal mitigation legally required for many commercial and military ocean activities. Trident is also used for population studies as well as for marine mammal research.  This work was funded by NOAA NMFS, Dr. Shannon Rankin and Proteus is in the process of commercializing the technology. Proteus has received two patents (U.S. patents US 10,088,584 and US 10,209,379) on Trident and currently has a preliminary licensing agreement with oil services manufacturer ION Geophysical. 


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