Visit the iNOAAvation Center @ Blue Tech Week 2019!

The NOAA Technology Partnerships Office will be attending Blue Tech Week in San Diego, November 20-22, 2019.  Come visit us at the iNOAAvation Center and see how NOAA is innovating across the Blue Economy!  

Before you come, check out some of the latest technologies from NOAA labs and our SBIR awardees below.

Microparticulate Fish Feeder, US Patents 9,113,615 and 9,241,478

Microparticulate Fish Feeder, US Patents 9,113,615 and 9,241,478

NOAA is now seeking manufacturers/licensees to deliver its patented Microparticulate Fish Feeder to market in the United States and globally.  Ideal partners will have a proven track record in manufacturing quality scientific instruments domestically and a proven distribution network both in the U.S. and abroad.

NOAA offers a wide variety of licensing solutions with flexible terms and reasonable rates.  Our licensing process is fast-tracked to allow licensee(s) to move the product from license to manufacture to market in the shortest possible time.

View and download a One-Page Marketing Description and Specifications Sheet for this opportunity.

Benefits of the NOAA Microparticulate Fish Feeder:

The Microparticulate Fish Feeder is designed for larval and juvenile fishes, capable of delivering a small (ca. 15mg) precise dose of microparticulate (ca. 100 µm diameter) feed to selected locations, via pneumatic conveyance and control.  When not in use, the feeder is sealed, and the feed protected from moisture and ambient oxygen

Market Analysis:

The most common shortcoming of automated fish feeders currently on the market is that they don’t protect the feed from the effects of moisture and oxygen.  Since most feeders dispense the feed directly above the fish tank, they subject the feed to a highly humid environment.  This product has the ability to overcome the environmental challenges that lead to inconstant rationing and reduced feed quality by protecting the feed from moisture and oxygen between feedings.

The markets for industrial-scale automated fish feeders in the U.S. and abroad are well-established and supported by a number of known aquaculture suppliers and manufacturers. There also may be interest from manufacturers and distributors of large-scale aquarium products. Given the unique features of this device and the relatively simple fabrication requirements, the NOAA Microparticulate Fish Feeder could be a strong addition to an existing product line. 

The NOAA Microparticulate Fish Feeder, with its precise, consistent feeding capabilities and durable design, offers an excellent licensing opportunity for the aquaculture and aquarium sectors.

To license this technology, please complete the NOAA Licensing Application Form or contact us for more information.


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