Visit the iNOAAvation Center @ Blue Tech Week 2019!

The NOAA Technology Partnerships Office will be attending Blue Tech Week in San Diego, November 20-22, 2019.  Come visit us at the iNOAAvation Center and see how NOAA is innovating across the Blue Economy!  

Before you come, check out some of the latest technologies from NOAA labs and our SBIR awardees below.

Derek Parks

FogViewer Low-Cost Visibility Measurement System for Ports and Ships

SBIR-funded company, Areté, improves information for port operators and shipboard personnel

Areté was founded by five scientists in 1976, tasked to help solve the challenge of detecting weak signals in heavy ocean clutter. The signals involved in this work were so weak that any advancement in signal processing algorithms demanded a new approach. For this challenge, Areté’s founders applied “first principles” method of problem solving that starts with assessing the fundamental truths about the materials and science at hand so as to make better decisions. Today, Areté works across the electromagnetic spectrum. We develop sensors and the associated signal processing algorithms necessary for the extraction and interpretation of data for systems operating underwater, on the ground, and in air and space
Areté’s FogViewer is an image based meteorological visibility measurement system which utilizes low-cost COTS hardware and innovative, advanced image processing techniques to provide port operators and shipboard personnel an estimate their local visibility. FogViewer is small, light, and consumes little power. With hardware regularly used in marine environments, FogViewer will withstand harsh conditions with low maintenance and operation costs.


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