Nucleic Sensing Systems eDNA Tracker shown at water's edge

Autonomous, Real-Time, Field-Deployable Genetic Detection Technology

The Tracker is the world’s only field-deployable, automatic, web-connected monitoring tool, able to report real-time data on environmental DNA (eDNA). By taking the human out of the loop, we connect autonomous high-frequency sampling with geospatial data to better monitor biological activity. Tracker Capabilities Continuous-flow operation giving real-time results Operating with commercially available liquid reagents that require no refrigeration which eases logistical concerns No concentration, separation, or purification of samples required Simultaneous multi-species detection enables geospatial and temporal data for mapping and optimizing a management response Autonomous, GPS integration, Cloud-connected software interface with data & alerts Digital genetic verification via PCR with general specificity Federal Procurement – Sole Source Information The right to receive sole-source awards is a real benefit of the SBIR Program both to the government and to the participating companies. The SBA SBIR/STTR Policy Directive dictates the justification that an agency can and must use to justify the sole-source award. Predictably, that justification reads that the new award must derive from, extend, or complete prior SBIR effort and be funded with non- SBIR funds. For inquiries about this technology, please contact Nucleic Sensing Systems directly. 1-Page Fact Sheet