Technology Partnerships Office

Serving the needs of both

NOAA Inventors & U.S. Companies

looking to obtain SBIR funding, create partnerships and commercialize NOAA technology

Small Business
Innovation Research



Our mission is to foster preeminent science and technological innovation through 

federal investments in research and development (R&D), partnerships or licensing opportunities at NOAA

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

NOAA's SBIR Program is seeking highly innovative products
with excellent commercial potential. All SBIR proposals must directly
benefit the NOAA mission, but should also be responsive to the greater
market demands in order to be successful.

Technology Transfer Program

Technology transfer is the process by which existing knowledge,
facilities, or capabilities developed under federal research and
development funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs.


NOAA Technology Partnerships Office
1305 East West Highway
SSMC4, Room 7602
Silver Spring, MD 20910

F: 301-713-4100

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