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TPO Organization and Mission

TPO is a research support office that drives innovation across NOAA.

The office oversees two programs: the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and the Technology Transfer Program.

Through its programs, TPO awards grants to small businesses to support technological innovation, manages NOAA’s intellectual property portfolio, helps transfer NOAA technology to the commercial market, and facilitates NOAA’s public-private research partnerships. As NOAA’s primary interface with private-sector innovation, TPO supports the NOAA mission, stimulates innovation, and strengthens the U.S. economy.

The tether management system sits on top of this ROV during deployment and recovery of ROV. It is suspended by the support vessel above the ocean floor during dives. It manages the tether line for the ROV as it moves down to the ocean floor, ensuring that it doesn't drag along the bottom, and is also used fo r sample storage as can be seen by the various baskets hanging from the frame. Gulf of Mexico. 2003 September 23.

Our Mission

To serve NOAA and the U.S. economy by transferring NOAA’s scientific and technological innovations to commercial applications, facilitating strategic public-private partnerships, and investing in small business research and development related to NOAA’s mission areas.

Small Business Innovation Research

Our mission is to stimulate the U.S. economy and business growth through the commercialization of innovative mission-related technologies by investing NOAA research funds in American small businesses, and providing guidance to entrepreneurs throughout the process of researching, developing, and commercialization of products or services.

Technology Transfer Program

Our mission is to promote increased use and commercialization of NOAA's innovative technologies and knowledge by facilitating strategic partnerships and ensuring the rapid and cost-effective transfer of intellectual property from NOAA labs and programs to other federal agencies, academia, and the U.S. private sector.

Policy and Organizing Documents

SBIR Authorizing Legislation

Technology Transfer Program Authorizing Legislation