SBIR for Reviewers

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Program Details

The NOAA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program seeds innovation by investing a portion of NOAA’s research and development funding in U.S. small businesses working on high-risk, high-reward projects that ultimately support NOAA’s vision of healthy and resilient ecosystems, communities, and economies. NOAA’s SBIR grants fund the development of innovative products and services with strong commercial potential across all of the NOAA mission space. Reviewers play a critical role by helping to decide which mission-relevant ideas NOAA will fund every year.

We are seeking individuals with expertise in any of the NOAA mission areas (Weather, Climate, Oceans and Coasts, Fisheries, Satellites, Marine and Aviation, Charting, Sanctuaries) and/or expertise in the following technical or methodological approaches: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Citizen Science, Data Collection, Integration, and Cloud Computing, In-Situ Sensing and Sampling, Weather or Climate Modeling or Forecasting, ‘Omics, Remote Sensing, Uncrewed Systems, Aquaculture, and more.

What a reviewer will do:

  • Review a recording of a 30 minute virtual orientation prior to completing reviews.
  • Read, write brief reviews, and score one to five applications over a three week period. Review takes approximately 90 minutes per application.
  • Reviewers will use NOAA’s Grants Online web-based Application Review system to access applications and submit scores and comments for each assigned proposal. Most web browsers are compatible. All reviewers will have a Grants Online login profile created for them.
  • Follow up virtual panel discussions may occur only in instances of scoring discrepancies and last up to no more than an hour.
  • All aspects of the review process can be completed virtually.

Review Timeframe:

FY24 reviews will take place in Spring 2024.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following form so that we can match your expertise with submitted applications and begin the process of creating your Grants Online reviewer profile.