NOAA Technology Transfer Program

DART Buoy Built by SAIC Corp Under License

NOAA Technology Transfer

NOAA’s Technology Transfer Program is responsible for NOAA’s portfolio of innovations, including patents, patent license agreements, and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).  The NOAA TPO acts as the Office of Research and Technology Application or ORTA for all NOAA’s Labs and Science Centers, as required by the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980 (15 U.S.C. Chapter 63 – Technology Innovation)  

The goal of the program is to ensure a rapid and cost-effective transfer of NOAA’s technologies from the Lab to U.S. industry for direct use and/or commercialization.  

For U.S. companies:

Are you interested in commercializing an early-stage NOAA technology?  We would love to work with you! Please review our list of available technologies and contact us if you find something of interest. Our licensing terms are very flexible.       

For NOAA staff :

Please disclose your new innovations to our office as soon as you have a well formed concept in mind and before you have discussed the technology outside of NOAA so that we can discuss your options.    

More Information:

For additional information on Federal technology transfer,  visit the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC).  The FLC site features training and informational videos, as well as licensing opportunities across the federal government under FLC Business.  The FLC is a great place to see how federal technology transfer can benefit your company.  

Increasing the Impact of Public Investments in NOAA Science

Technology transfer increases the return on the U.S. taxpayer investments in NOAA’s research and development, supports U.S. economic development, and contributes to accomplishing the overall NOAA mission.

The NOAA Technology Transfer Program helps to move innovative NOAA technologies from the lab into the marketplace where they can be used by more people. The outcome from a successful technology transfer is a commercially available product or service that supports the overall goals of NOAA’s mission.  

Contact Us

Wayne MacKenzie
NOAA Technology Transfer Program Manager

Ciceley Gibbs
NOAA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Specialist


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