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TPO Functional Structure

Office Leadership

Kelly Webster

(Previously Kelly Wright)

Position Currently Vacant

Deputy Director

Office Administration

Marcey Guramatunhu

Budget Specialist

Gina Terc

Executive Assistant

Position Currently Vacant

Budget and Procurement Specialist


Dr. Suzi Webster

Strategic Communications Manager

Matt Bryant

Communications Specialist

Stephanie Blyskal

Outreach Coordinator

Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)

Dr. Genevieve Lind

Program Manager

Position Currently Vacant

Program Officer

Michele Pollard

Program Officer

Quiana Royster

Support Specialist

Derek Parks

Commercialization and Business Analyst

Clarissa Ford

Due Diligence Specialist

Technology Transfer Program

Wayne MacKenzie

Program Manager (on detail)

Ciceley Gibbs

CRADA Specialist

Jennifer Stewart

Acting Program Manager - Technology Transfer Specialist