SBIR for Current Awardees

Applicants will need to access the resources below to manage their grant requirements throughout the SBIR grant period.

Payment System:

The Automated Standard Application for Payment (ASAP) is a U. S. Department of Treasury’s electronic payment system used by Federal agencies.

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Program Requirement Guidance:

Commercialization Assistance Program

Commercialization Graphic - Ideas to Money

Launched in 2016, NOAA-Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) is offered free-of-charge to all Phase II awardees. CAP is designed to help NOAA SBIR Phase II awardees transition their SBIR-developed products into the marketplace. It is a mentoring and training program that includes one-on-one engagement with a dedicated, industry-specific business consultant, and is organized around topics that will contribute to the development of a strategic action plan, business plan, and/or a licensing/go-to-market strategy. The CAP follows a hands-on approach where each participant works individually at his or her own pace with the assigned consultant.

The NOAA SBIR Program partners with experienced third-party vendors that specialize in facilitating the launch of scientific innovations to offer the CAP program.