Black Swift Technologies SØ™ UAS Platform

The Technology

The Black Swift SØ™ UAS is an intelligent unmanned aircraft capable of autonomous flights at altitudes of up to 15,000 feet above ground-level.

With a flight duration of up to 90 minutes, the Black Swift SØ has the endurance and technology necessary to capture a profile of upper air parameters including air temperature, wind speed and direction, dewpoint, and atmospheric pressure.

Black Swift Technologies‘ unique tail design enables deep-stall landing with near-vertical descent and 10-foot landing accuracy. The rapid ascent and descent allow the SØ to quickly and accurately capture 3-dimensional wind profiles at various levels. With minor alterations, the SØ UAS can be designed for vertical take-offs and landings (VTOL).

The SØ’s modular design allows for rapid integration of new sensors and capabilities. This flexibility enables the SØ’s functionality to expand to provide air quality monitoring and trace gas detection simply by switching out the sensor payloads.

Illustration of a drone with many parts identified


  • Effective: Designed for rapid atmospheric profiling
  • Rugged and reliable: Designed to withstand extreme flight conditions, including hurricanes
  • Operability: Fully autonomous “launch-and-forget” operation with minimal training


  • Nomadic scientific field campaigns
  • Harsh environments such as arctic, desert, corrosive, turbulent, and high-altitude situations


Company Contact

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