Blue Ocean Gear Smart Buoy

The Technology

The Farallon Smart Buoy System allows commercial fishing fleets to monitor the location and movement of their deployed fishing gear – anytime, anywhere.

This compact, rugged, depth-rated buoy works by transmitting position and motion sensor data via the most encompassing satellite network in the world, so there are no black-out zones, no matter how far from shore or the vessel.

No special equipment or training is needed to set up or deploy the system, and the gear turns on automatically when launched.

Developed by Blue Ocean Gear, the data is compatible with multiple interfaces. For quick checks, the Buoy Locator mobile app provides essential data to find your buoys or highlight unusual behavior. Customizable SMS alerts are available to highlight activity. When onshore, the BlueVue web interface provides historical location, sensor data, and analytics.

Offshore, integration with an onboard chart plotter is also available. Each user only sees their own Smart Buoys, though there is also the option to share buoy locations with other vessels to avoid gear conflict.

Blue Ocean Gear Smart Buoy in a harbor at sunset
A Blue Ocean Gear Farallon Smart Buoy (Credit: Kortney Opshaug)


  • Save time and effort: Navigate to precise location of gear even in adverse weather
  • Rugged and reliable: Compact and rugged design can withstand harsh environments
  • Reliable: No blackout zones due to satellite network sensors
  • Easy to deploy: Turns on automatically when deployed and no special equipment needed to launch


  • Deploy along with pots, longlines, gillnets, aquaculture, and ropeless gear
  • Deploy as moored or drifting solution for met ocean data collection, with sea surface temperature, salinity, and wave height all available in 2024


Company Contact

This technology is commercially available for purchase. For additional information please contact the Blue Ocean team at

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