SeaTag™ Marine Mammals Tracking System

The Technology

SeaTag™ is a solar-powered marine technology that offers low-cost, reusable, and modular tags for tracking sea mammals in both salt and freshwater environments.

The satellite-based tagging technology uses battery-augmented solar power and is built to withstand harsh environments.

Desert Star‘s full suite of available SeaTags™ products are equipped with:

  • An accelerometer (measures activity of animal)
  • Light sensors (allows for longitudinal locating via amount of daylight)
  • Magnetic sensor (allows for latitudinal locating)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Depth sensors

SeaTags™ communicate globally with product users through the use of the Argos satellite constellation.

After a programmed amount of time, the sensor detaches from the animal subject and floats to the surface, where it can be collected and reused.

Photo of a SeaTag device attached to the side of a large fish
After a programmed amount of time, the SeaTag™ sensor detaches from the animal subject and floats to the surface, where it can be collected and reused. Credit: SeaTag™


  • Versatile: Compact and economical solar power design
  • Rugged and reliable: Built to withstand extreme depths and harsh environments
  • Accessible: Data is shared globally through satellite networks


  • Spawning detection
  • Tracking of sea turtles, penguins, and other divers
  • Fresh and saltwater use


Company Contact

This technology is commercially available for purchase. For additional information please contact the SeaTag™ team at Note: Any reference obtained from this website to a specific company, product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by NOAA.

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