Tator Video Analytics Web Platform

The Technology

CVision AI’s Tator is a flexible web platform that seamlessly marries video and complementary data streams. Users can experience advanced analytics through a state-of-the-art web video player, intuitive QA/QC and review tools, and seamless integration with third-party algorithms and dashboards.

At its core, Tator is a framework for end-to-end video and image analytics. It takes care of a lot of things that make working with video difficult, so users can focus on the thing that matters – turning videos into information – in a fully customizable way. There are a lot of pieces to Tator that make this possible, and therefore a lot of individual capabilities.

Digital asset management:Video, images, audio, and generic files can be uploaded and hosted on Tator, making digital assets accessible to a team. Media can be organized via projects, folders, and searchable custom attributes.

Extract, transform, and load: Tator has a flexible metadata system that can describe virtually any concept in video or imagery, allowing users to build the raw metadata needed to conduct a useful analysis.

Video and image annotation: Through a flexible user interface, a team can draw dots, lines, boxes, and polygons; label frame ranges and discrete events; and create tracks. Each of these can be described in place upon creation with a customizable set of attributes.

Visual analytics: Tator facilitates visualization and analysis through a combination of built-in analytics tools and a custom dashboard capability. 

Computer screenshot of the Tator.io application
Credit - CVision AI, Inc.


  • Flexible metadata: Tator’s flexible metadata system allows users to describe virtually any concept in video or imagery, and to import and register auxiliary sensor data with video.
  • Streaming and annotation: Teams can build rich datasets with Tator’s built-in web-based video player and annotation tools.
  • Extensible: Expand a project’s capabilities with Tator’s customization facilities, including ML/AI algorithms, annotation applets, and dashboards for analysis and reports.
  • Secure and scalable: Tator supports on-premise and cloud infrastructure, includes third-party authentication, and has been approved for use on FIPS-199 Moderate impact systems.


  • Any application requiring analysis of large video or image datasets
  • Underwater research and exploration 
  • Fisheries electronic monitoring


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