TCarta Trident Tools SDB Toolbox

The Technology

TCarta’s Trident Tools SDB Toolbox provides a user-friendly suite of tools for the production of satellite-derived bathymetry and imagery-derived bathymetry within the Esri ArcGIS Pro environment.

The flexible ArcGIS add-on tool allows users to utilize existing survey data, in situ, and ICESat-2 for training and validation, and is configured to work with any imagery type,  including drone, aerial, and satellite. Both Multispectral Bathymetry Tools – Band Ratio and Random Forest – will accept spatially-referenced raster bands from any multispectral sensor and any level of processed imagery.

TCarta offers comprehensive training modules to supplement the Trident Tools suite. The training modules are split into three tiers: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master to cater to all skill levels. Our training modules are customizable to meet the client’s training needs and are offered either in-person or hybrid. After training, TCarta offers technical support to ensure that the clients have everything they need to efficiently utilize Trident Tools.

Trident Tools licensing:
The TCarta Trident Tools SDB Toolbox is offered as a single-user/machine license with a one-year duration.

View of TCarta Trident Tools SDB Toolbox dashboard


  • Easy to use: Interactive, easy-to-learn and understand tools
  • Simplicity: Production simplification, easy iterations
  • Inexpensive: No ongoing operational or processing cost
  • Adaptable: Integrate all kinds of data with flexible tools


  • Survey planning and reconnaissance
  • Infilling data gaps
  • Technology integration (multi beam, single beam, LiDAR)
  • Large area data production


Company Contact

This technology is commercially available for purchase. For additional information please contact the Solutions Team at

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