The Technology

WindTL, by Improving Aviation, is a decision support tool that provides situational awareness and resource allocation insights for informed decision making. The technology encompasses several layers that can be tailored to user needs.

Solutions include:

  • Resource and assets tracking
  • Wildfire and ember spread model
  • Real-time integration of in-situ measurements in prediction models
  • Crewed and uncrewed aircraft deconfliction model
  • Integrated risk model based on local conditions


  • Emergency response coordination: WindTL enables rapid and precise deployment of firefighting resources and evacuation management by providing real-time wildfire tracking and data integration without the need for traditional communication networks.
  • Forest management and conservation: The platform aids in proactive forest management by utilizing predictive analytics and drone surveillance to inform preventative measures against wildfire risks. 
  • Urban interface fire mitigation and civilian safety: WindTL enhances civilian safety by informing urban development strategies and real-time community alerts, mitigating the impact of wildfires near urban-wildland interfaces.
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Credit: Improving Aviation


  • Resource and assets tracking: Enables comprehensive tracking of personnel and vehicles across large areas without reliance on traditional communication systems.
  • Integration of data from field personnel, ground sensors, and drones: Merges live weather data, drone imagery, and operator inputs for updated situational awareness.
  • Aggregation and processing of field inputs with remote sensed data: Combines field data with third-party information to enhance the common operational picture with the latest situational insights.
  • Wildfire and ember spread prediction model: Utilizes advanced models to predict fire spread and identify critical hotspots through heatmaps.
  • Safe and enhanced drone operations: Manages drone flight paths for safety and uses computer vision to pinpoint fire locations from aerial imagery.


Company Contact

This technology is commercially available for purchase. For additional information please contact Rocio Frej Vitalle at

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