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NOAA invests $5.9M in small businesses to advance innovative technologies

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants will provide early-stage capital for 12 U.S. small businesses

The NOAA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program awarded approximately $5.9 million in Phase II SBIR grants to 12 small businesses. This seed funding will support research and development of innovative technologies in the NOAA mission space. The winning proposals represent projects across multiple research topic areas, which include Blue Economy, ‘Omics, Artificial Intelligence, Uncrewed Systems, and Citizen Science & STEM Education.

The NOAA Phase II competition is open to small businesses that completed a Phase I project funded by the NOAA SBIR Program. Phase II is an opportunity for high-performing small businesses to expand on promising feasibility and proof of concept testing conducted during Phase I and further advance the development of technologies. NOAA Phase II awards are funded at a maximum of $500,000 over 2 years.

The list of NOAA Phase II awardees and their projects titles include:

Blue Economy
AreteInfrared Polarimetric Wave Imaging (I-PWI) for Passive Remote Sensing of Sea State
Live Advantage BaitRapid diagnostic testing for marine velvet disease, Amyloodinium ocellatum: a potential game changer for disease prevention and economic gain for fisheries and aquaculture
RadmantisAdapting existing technologies to improve seafood production and feed a hungry world
Tampa Deep Sea XplorersTampa Deep Sea Xplorers Compact Low Cost AUV Platform for Next Generation
Elder ResearchHABSSED: Harmful Algal Bloom Surveillance by Sequencing of Environmental DNA
Artificial Intelligence
Synthetik Applied TechnologiesDeepSpace-AI A Deep-Learning Based Offshore Monitoring System Using Satellite Imagery
Toyon ResearchDetecting and Classifying Marine Mammals in Infrared Video Using AI
Uncrewed Systems
NearviewAI Model for Automated Detection and Mapping of Intertidal Vegetation
StratoSolutionsStratospheric HAPS for enhancing societal resilience to extreme weather
Citizen Science and STEM Education
Cell Matrix Participatory Sensor Networks for Marine Navigation
InferlinkAuto-Transcription for Citizen Science
Sunburst SensorspHyter: An Oceanographic Tool for Citizen Science and STEM Education

Additional information about NOAA SBIR awards from FY22 and previous years can be found here, including abstracts of successful proposals and comments on anticipated results.

The NOAA SBIR Program is located within the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office. To learn about upcoming NOAA SBIR events, workshops, and requests for proposals, sign up for the NOAA SBIR email list and follow the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office on LinkedIn and Twitter @NOAAinnovate.

Note: Any reference obtained from this website to a specific company, product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by NOAA.

Published on August 8, 2022