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June 2023

An uncrewed glider sits on the ground in front of a high-altitude balloon and two research vans

Revolutionary NOAA High-Altitude Research Tool Passes Key Milestone

The quest by Global Monitoring Laboratory scientists to develop a reliable, cost-effective way to study Earth’s stratosphere passed a significant milestone on May 17 when a remotely controlled glider, carried to an elevation of 90,000 feet by a weather balloon, returned to its launch location on Colorado’s Pawnee National Grasslands with its scientific payload intact.

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NOAA – Microsoft CRADA partnership

NOAA and Microsoft have forged a formal agreement to harness Microsoft’s cloud computing tools and help advance NOAA’s mission to create a Climate-Ready Nation. As scientific research is called upon to inform solutions for some of society’s most pressing challenges, public-private partnerships unlock enormous potential for collaborative problem-solving and innovation.

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