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Researchers retrieving fish from the shore using fish nets

NOAA and Indigenous tribal partner advance aquaculture with science

The Jamestown S’klallam Tribe in the U.S. Pacific Northwest has a mantra: “What is done today, can impact seven generations from now.” The spirit of that mantra underlies a unique public-private partnership that has successfully fused science with local Native American culture and history to support sustainable aquaculture.

Kristen Schepel gives a presentation in front of a projected screen

Kristen Schepel: Changing the climate for innovation

This year, Kristen Schepel from NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is participating in an employee exchange (known as a detail) with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Washington, D.C. Her assignment: Help patent examiners and others at the USPTO understand climate change and the need for innovations that can help predict and measure its impacts. In this Q&A interview, she talks about her project and discusses the ways that patents could be important to climate change work.


NOAA issues FY24 call for SBIR Phase I proposals

On September 28, 2023, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued its Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Phase I Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. NOAA Phase I SBIR awards provide up to $175,000 to fund a six month period of performance for conducting feasibility and proof of concept research. The tentative award start date for the FY24 competition is June 1, 2024.