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Material Transfer Agreements

Material Transfer Agreements

Natural polymer prototypes displayed on a forest floor

NSF Convergence Accelerator Track

Supply NOAA with materials formulated from naturally occurring biopolymers, which will be used for manufacturing test parts. Partners will then evaluate how these materials react when exposed to various ocean environments.

A person holds a test tube in front of a laptop computer

OY15 Probiotic Research

Provide a powdered formulation of probiotic strain OY15 for oysters and perform hatchery-scale trials to test OY15’s effectiveness for improving survival of Pacific oyster larvae. Subsquently, shellfish industry partners Pacific Hybreed, Inc. and Cartron Point Shellfish will perform hatchery-scale trials to investigate the powdered probiotic’s effects on the survival of Pacific oyster larvae during the 2021 oyster spawning season.