Multi-purpose Above/Below Surface Expendable Sonde

MASED (‘May-Z-D’) is one of Boston Engineering’s low-cost, modular, configurable, family of versatile maritime sondes/profilers that collect critical data such as conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD) and meet multiple research, commercial, and defense needs. MASED addresses rapid intensification and other critical research applications by taking multiple, targeted profiles in the ocean’s critical areas Features Expendable or recoverable Multiple, untethered dives followed by resurfacing (“profiles”) Onboard power (rechargeable optional) Low-cost, replaceable conductivity, temperature, depth sensors standard (other sensors possible) Automatic satellite communications Hand, vessel, or air-droppable AVAPS sized & launched Allows colocation of AVAPS atmospheric and ocean data Flexible, robust expanding antenna mast for robust comms Technology Highlights 16.5 in. long x 2.75 in. diameter with air drop kit attached (shown) – AVAPs size 2.6 lbs. dry weight (wet wt.: neutral) Self-releasing & detaching parachute Operational depth rating: 200m (deeper profiles possible) Standard number of profiles: 5+ *use dependent Standby time: Weeks Iridium communications Easy to use/launch, Programmable profiles Standard sensors: Conductivity, Temperature, Depth GPS IMU Ask about other comms & sensors Prototypes available.  Product ready for sale 2022/23. Contact Michael Rufo Vice President for Research and Development Tel:  781-314-0723 Email: Federal Procurement – Sole Source Information The right to receive sole-source awards is a real benefit of the SBIR Program both to the government and to the participating companies. The SBA SBIR/STTR Policy Directive dictates the justification that an agency can and must use to justify the sole-source award. Predictably, that justification reads that the new award must derive from, extend, or complete prior SBIR effort and be funded with non- SBIR funds.