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A basket of shellfish

Shellfish Laboratory Space – NWFSC

Advance shellfish breeding programs to support aquaculture on the U.S. West Coast and globally. Partners will create and share genetic and genomic resources that support NOAA’s mission of advancing shellfish and aquaculture research and technology development.

Two people working on a ship at night

Joint Beaufort Bridgenet Ichthyoplankton Sampling Program

Collaborate on a sampling program for collecting data to support fisheries and ecological and climate change studies. The resulting data will be incorporated into the US-Poland Joint Fishery Ecology Project, shared with the Asch Fisheries Oceanography Laboratory at ECU, and be made available to the public through existing NOAA data-sharing mechanisms.

A fishing boat on the water

Marine Conservation and Fisheries Science

Maintain an active research program that supports the MU Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy Program, and NOAA’s James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory. Research will support fisheries management, coastal/marine habitat ecology, and conservation.

A comparison of age otoliths of fish species

Process and Age Otolith Samples from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Research the processing and aging of Summer Flounder, Black Sea Bass, and Bluefish otoliths. Results will help partners understand the aging methods for these types of fish species, which will inform the management of productive fisheries and healthy marine habitats, including the recovery and conservation of protected species and endangered fish.