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Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

Workers observe a wind measuring device over the ocean surface

Community Offshore Wind Environmental Monitoring Programs

Develop an offshore wind project environmental monitoring program to better understand the impacts of offshore wind development on fisheries, habitat, protected species, and other resources, and develop a data sharing and integration program that supports biological stock assessments, fisheries, and protected species management.

NDBC & Sofar Partnership for Ocean Observation Innovation

Collaborate using technical knowledge to discover how the partners’ marine sensing platforms can complement each other, and in the development of improvements and advancements in marine monitoring and research capabilities. The partners will share processing techniques for data collected in areas such as wave measurements, communications, adaptability, and weather event monitoring.

A digital map showing a coastline

Improving Modeling of Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate

Improve computer modeling of the oceans, atmosphere, and climates. The goal is to use the improved models to enhance knowledge of oceanographic, meteorological, biological, and climatological processes, and to provide updated information to the public.

A boat on the water with windmills in the distance

Offshore Wind and Ecosystem Science

Seek, understand, and integrate offshore wind energy by conducting R&D through ecosystem science and ocean-based activities and testing. Provide depth of expertise, breadth of science-based information, and flexibility for responding to emerging and long-term research questions that will aid in understanding the impacts of offshore wind energy on the marine ecosystem, enhanced ocean planning, and management.

Deep-sea divers around an underwater laboratory

PROTEUS™ Underwater Saturation Facility

Utilize the “underwater space station of the ocean,” PROTEUS™, to advance marine science, research, and education. Partners seek to develop a deeper understanding of the ocean environment and reveal solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing concerns, including those related to climate change.